Savvy woman shares mammoth food shop she bought for just £3.50 using app hack

TikTok star Georgia said she managed to get bags and bags of shopping for less than a fiver after using the Too Good To Go app that connects shoppers with food that’s about to be chucked

A savvy shopper has shared the mammoth haul of food that she bought for just £3.50 using an app hack – and you can do it too.

TikTok star Georgia shared the video with her 30,000 followers, showing off her haul that included rich tea biscuits, four pepperoni pizzas, five Lucozade drinks, and much, much more.

She said she paid just £3.50 for the haul, thanks to app Too Good To Go – which connects shoppers with supermarkets with food that is about to be chucked.

Georgia said she was ‘shocked’ by the incredible price she paid, and shared the news so others watching her videos could try it for themselves.

In the video, Georgia said: “You’re not gonna believe this. I’ve just done another Too Good To Go order and got all this! What the hell!”

“I am literally shocked.

“I got four pepperoni pizzas, five Lucozade Revives, five cans of baked beans, a croissant, some salad, some onions, some cauliflower, actually loads of cauliflower. A fruit pot, three packs of rich tea biscuits, all for £3.50.

“I feel like I’m going to have to make bang bang cauliflower or something.

“This is literally crazy.

“All of that was from my local corner shop and was probably my best ever Too Good To Go order.

“I think I just got lucky. They literally gave me the whole shop.”

After uploading the video to TikTok, Georgia was inundated with comments from other hungry shoppers who were keen to try the app for themselves.

One wrote: “Ohhh, thanks for letting me know!”

And another said: “Wow, so good! We never have anything like that near me.”

And Ian Pinnel added: “That’s an amazing order.”

“Thank you so much for introducing me to this app”, wrote a fourth user.