Lightning strike kills 17 wedding party guests and leaves groom and 13 others injured

The groom was among those injured in the lightning strike which took the lives of 14 of his guests who were due to celebrate his nuptials

A groom on his way to his wedding was injured as a lightning strike killed 17 of his wedding guests.

He was one of 14 who were hurt as they travelled on a boat to the venue ahead of seeing his bride.

Heavy rain forced the boat to make an emergency landing with passengers disembarking to take shelter.

But the party was struck with a bolt of lightning hit as the group tried to hide from the downpours.

Police official Farid Hossain said the accident took place in at the bank of the Padma river in Shibganj, Bangladesh.

“We have information of 17 people who died and several others were admitted to hospital,” Hossain added.

Sakib Al-Rabby, a local government official confirmed the bride was not with the party when the lightning struck on Wednesday.

In 2016, Bangladesh declared lightning strikes a natural disaster when more than 200 people died in the month of May alone, including 82 people on a single day.

Deforestation has played a part in the rising number deadly lightning strikes due to the disappearance of many tall trees that before would have drawn lightning strikes, experts say.