Curry house challenges hungry diners to eat massive 7kg meal worth £35 in just 1 hour

Anyone taking part gets a free T-shirt and if successful the diner would get their money back but so far nobody has eaten all the food

A curry house is challenging diners with a healthy appetite to eat a £35 meal, weighing 7kg, in an hour – and if successful they get their money back.

Anyone willing to take up the challenge at Lily’s in Ashton-under-Lyne, Greater Manchester, will get a T-shirt but so far nobody has completed the meal.

A 24-inch Thali steel plate holds 50 items including curries, rice, breads, traditional sides, desserts and lassi drinks – weighing an incredible 1.2 stone.

Owner of Lily’s, Pritil Sachdev, 42, said: “I just came up with it one day when I was sat in the restaurant.

“It’s the first challenge we have done but we thought it would be a good bit of fun.

“There’s easily enough there to feed a family of four and no one that has taken it on has managed it yet.”

The whole platter takes Pritil about an hour to rustle up but it seems the customers need far more than that to finish it off.

Regular at Lily’s Josh Sanders, 39, was a strong hopeful to complete the challenge when he pulled up a chair to have a go on Wednesday but fell short, only scoffing three kilograms worth of grub.

He said: “It was a beastly challenge.

“It was one of those things where you see pictures of it and think it looks manageable until the real thing is in front of you on the plate.

“I’m well-known in the restaurant as someone who can pack it away and they were confident that I might be able to do it but I only managed half of what was there.

“I beat the current record holder and finished off 14 of the dishes on the Thali but it wasn’t enough to get my money back.

“I definitely ate £35 worth of food and I’ll be taking the leftovers home to share with my girlfriend.”

8 breads, 2 poppadoms, 6 desserts, 2 lassi drinks, 14 side dishes, 3 rice bowls, 2 dahls, 3 dips/sauces